Monday, August 30, 2010

Gray Stock-market - part 1

Acting: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Perception: 3.5/5
Rating: 3.5/5

Noticing that a sequel was coming up soon I took a look at the original, and I was more than ok.
It is the story of stockbroker who's all focused on earning a spot between the Big Players. So he gets the attention of the slickest of them all and takes a shot at the opportunity. So the dark side of the business starts to become grimmer and grimmer and he has to make some difficult choices.
The main character (Sheen jr.) did his part fine but the real deal came from Douglas and Sheen, who were like the Devil respectively the Angel on Bud's shoulders. His struggle was convincing but not breath taking, but Douglas is one hell of a gray guy. You may think that I'm misogynistic but I didn't find the female lead too intriguing, maybe was because of the way this kind of roles were written and played at the time. Or the difference in perception nowadays: because a woman could be in the center of the plot today, but less probable back then.
Oh! and Cox guy has the same style as in Scrubs, just a different outfit. 
Technically it all came out well, but far from Apocalypse Now.
For a film almost as old as I am, things turn out positive.

 Stuff - Spoiler Alert!!!

I really pity that girl who lived as a decorator because I found her taste disturbing at least; I think that a slight caricaturisation was in mind.
Films like this, depicting everyday lives, point out the evolution of the technology that surrounds us; the mobile phones looked more than odd.

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