Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The biggest and greediest movie BS in history. I didn't think much of Cameron's originality but he sewed all the stolen concepts pretty well to make the blockbuster Pandorean story.
So after that well molded forgery, he got to the next level: bloody highway theft. Not only that he has the first 2 Box-Office pictures, but also wants to rip-off everyone by releasing a long version of Avatar in theaters. 8 minutes were added to the film, and the price is even higher that a normal 3D movie (ex. in France it's about 15€ - full price) because it is only IMAX 3D.
I find this outrageous for all the people who bought the DVD, one of its purposes being to reveal the director cuts. There are 3D TVs now; it's almost as real as in cinema! These people should ask to pay only the IMAX extra, because 8 min on a 160 min movie is 5%, that means almost nothing, there are no changes in the story whatsoever.
I wonder if the guys who came with the idea were stuck that much in financial fertilizer that they wanted to suck every cent they could from the franchise. They have invented the infinite sequel (the infiniquel): let's add the time the actors spent in the bathroom and make a big campaign about it...
Also I heard that a real sequel might see the light of day, and that's just another BS. It took him 15 years to come up with unobtainium what will there be after only a couple more?!?!. This story has been told, Jakesully has nothing more to say, not that he had much to say in general, use the technology to create something new, and original this time; change the color theme for instance!


  1. I lol'd. Maybe those 8 minutes are a sex scene, since I heard that many people wanted to see the blue she-alien naked :-?? (I still haven't seen Avatar)

  2. I heard some rumors about some more 'passionate' scenes, but if it's true then they really sick; otherwise, you could check out the movie, if you have 2h30 to waste, at least for the visuals, and for that I would recommend a BluRay version.

  3. It's true the storyline is trash, but somehow I can't stop thinking that most people don't really go to the movies for the mind blowing script. Most movies out there are either sentimental weeping sessions (tons of movies genetically related to soap operas) or mindless minigun shooting ( the expendables lol).

    So yeah he's ripping ppl off, but its not like they really mind it imho.

    cheers dude

  4. it's not about the movie in itself, but more about the idea of releasing the SAME movie as last year with some additional minutes, without having the decency to put them on the dvd in the first place

  5. oh ok, I didn't catch that detail! :p you mean like a real release, in the cinemas??????
    I think that would be a first in the history of movies....