Monday, September 13, 2010

900 Eclipses

After a week of inactivity I return with a music related post, because today A Thousand Suns, the new Linkin Park album, is out.

I noticed some evolution in their sound, it's got a more emotional touch to it, but that doesn't mean this is an improvement.
Actually from the 10-12 real tracks, 2-3 are bearable, the rest is borderline wimping. It is sad when you think that the best album of a quite famous band, with a 10 years plus career,  is their first one, but that's the truth. Hybrid Theory was good, the others had respectful parts but never reached the initial force. This one is almost useless in my tracklist, since it lacks the original punch; because the purpose of LP in my music collection was to blow off steam after a long day...well, can't do that anymore, can I.



  1. You are blowing off steam by blogging about how bad LP is at the moment :) (probably gonna listen to the album today or tomorrow... low hopes)

  2. you're probably right :) anyway, tell me what did you think about it ('the catalyst' and 'wretches and kings' are ok in my book...that's about all)