Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hollywood pure action with a fun touch - No brains attached

During my last trip, I had plenty of train time that needed to be spent, so aside from the napping and the horizon gazing, I also watched some stuff. First I started with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans, and after 40 minutes I got really bored and gave up. So if you've seen the movie and think that it is worth watching 'till the end let me know.
The movie I watched instead was no great cinematographic achievement but kept me from falling asleep. So here it is: The Losers.
 Since I've been asked to give a more detailed rating system I will do my best and comply.

Acting: 3/5
Story: 2.5/5
Perception (video, audio, SFX and stuff): 3.5/5
Total Rating: 3/5
The story is comics-inspired: a group of special forces, The Losers, who are basically the last resort of the American Army, is...let's say...double crossed and so, they find themselves a helicopter ride away from death. Now, they have to get passage to the States and also get revenge, clear their names, so on and so forth. Their opportunity comes in a not-so-bad form of the former a shorter, less blue, more human  Na'vi feminine lead. And afterwards there's military/black-ops stuff going around with some inevitable complications.
The actors are far from playing their carrier roles, and moreover some of them aren't that convincing. I mean the Sniper-guy...I get it: he's not the talkative type, but he lacks credibility in being a bad-ass; he looks more like someone who's playin' it cool but who's got no lines. The boss is another one: he tries to play it tough like Hugh Jackman, but he's more of we would say it in Romanian... 'Hugh Jackman with chickenpox...'
The others were OK, with special credit to the Human torch and The Pouch (for cracking the atmosphere up) and to The Bad Guy, even if he's more than exaggerated.
The dynamics is enjoyable, the movie doesn't loose momentum, which is what kept me going. And there are some good fun parts. On top of that, the explosions, gun fights and all as a Hollywood trademark don't disappoint, some of them being really awesome, but the comic book influence takes over and sometimes the characters gain too much superpowers (dodging bullets, pinpoint shooting...).
There's also some romance lost in between bullets, but it's only useful to spark up the action, no real chemistry in my opinion; Jake and Gemma did a lot better.
For me, this movie doesn't match two Burn Notice episodes in a row, but did just fine in the given conditions. One question still stands: why are they called The Losers?

Personal observations - Spoiler Alert!!!

The whole rocket launcher scene is huge, but soooo implausible, how come that the bad guys never-ever react?!...3 bullets and would have been over...All hail Deus Ex Machina!!!

Pouch quote: "I'm the black MacGyver! BlaGyver!"
I don't know if the expected gains were reached, but I'm guessing that a sequel might be in sight
At some point, I find that the Boss vs. Traitor combat started to get too far-fetched: End it off already! and when it did a motorcycle flew into an airplane, so it was quite worth the wait...

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  1. Haha! I've seen the movie but i couldn't place it with the title (i had to read the first paragraph to remember it). The problem i have with this particular movie is the action-comedy mix. I mean, the characters are mostly created with comedy in mind, but the storyline is something that reminds me of a black ops mission kind of thing (at some point there was a series of 5-6 TV movies with a commando of "specialists" given specific tasks then realizing they were tricked by their handlers or something like that). My problem with "the losers" is this: i'm still questioning --- Is it a parody or just a bad action movie?

    P.S.: I think i saw "Bad Lt." at some point, but can't remember if i watched it 100% or just dropped it like a bad habit. Either way, it goes to show it hasn't made an impression on me.