Monday, August 2, 2010

Burn Notice

Today I'll write about another series that I started watching after reading about it in some newspaper: Burn Notice.

The DVD-cover makes things a little more interesting, ain't it? :p well, the idea is that a super-spy, Michel Westen, gets fired (technically speaking burnt) in the middle of a mission, and afterwards, he is city-arrested in Miami (it could not have been Kearney, Nebraska, could it?). There, helped by his slightly gun-obsessed ex and by another more or less special ops buddy he tries to get out of the pickle he's in and to make some money by doing different jobs. Thus, each episode revolves around a job and also adds pieces to his burn notice puzzle.
The action is very dynamic, there are surprising situations and cleverly funny moments; all in all, 40 min of cool entertainment. Moreover, the main caracter always provides out-of-the-ordinary sollutions, in a classy more sophisticated MacGuyver way.
I'm not sure that this "magic" around a spy capacities isn't as thin as the one in all the forensics series; but, here, I'm out of my field of expertise so I'm just enjoying the show. If you have a reliable confirmation that all he does is BS, enlighten me; I would still be watching it, but more as a fictional series.
One tiny personal disappointment would be that his ex "adapted" to the new environment and quit her "leprechaun" accent, but I heard that it will come back to her from time to time. :)

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