Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Reading one of Rucsy's posts reminded me of something that it wanted to talk about: the idea of 'home'.

Once, when returning from one of my field trips, and as the train got closer and closer to Lyon I told myself: 'Almost home...' then I realized that the saying 'Where I lay my self is Home' kinda suits me (See that rock that's my pillow! - geek joke)
So after a deeper analysis it got to me...home is where I live long enough so that the any occurring external stay would seem relatively short. For example, a place where I lived 6 months is considered home compared to a couple of weeks round-trip out and back in that place; this could even extend to a one day trip during a week long stay. For instance, and this is a bit sad, I often recall more of a I'm home feeling coming back to, let's say, Strasbourg after a 2 weeks holiday at my True Home.
In this case I would say that I have no home, since I don't associate the universally generated feeling for Home with a particular place or surroundings. Or, more poetically, the whole Planet is my Home, which might be actually true...even though there are rooms that I prefer to others. 
I guess that in my mind the notion of home is related to routine, to the ordinary everyday life, once again time-relative. And it would seem that it has nothing to do with a specific environment or certain people (parents most likely). Because I do get the fuzzy felling when I'm about to see close family and old friends but it is not dictated by geographical coordinates.
In short, Home = spot where I currently live and hold an activity, more of a HQ.
So, am I a mechanical nutcase that doesn't get what really matters out there?...your turn, now: Where's or What's your Home?


  1. same here. if i spend half an year somewhere, that place tends to become home

  2. I guess it is where you rlly feel like yourself; and I agree, it comes all by itself - the feeling I mean of going home;
    I feel more at home in my room in Lille than at my parents cuz of all I lived there, but it tends to change a lot (like I'm in germany now and its starting to grow on me :D);
    I guess it's a bit confusing after a while, when you travel and live in different places;

  3. btw get your own pillow :)) that one's already taken =))) eh good old geek times

  4. Is it weird i only settled in a rented apartment in London for 12 hours when i started calling it "home"?

  5. I the 'head laying' part is crucial for me, the 'home' attribute 'activates' after I have spent the night