Friday, December 24, 2010


At this magical time of the year, I would like to write a couple of words about a magical manifestation of the human brain that has been dazzling me for quite a while. In my non-specialist opinion, it seems to be the most complex activity of the entire nervous system: dreaming.
There are plenty of more or less scientific theories that try to explain its purpose and its meaning, but I won't develop any of them. I only wanted to express my fascination related to this phenomenon.
During an apparent state of almost complete inactivity, there are bits of our being that are entirely awake. First the eyes that swing around whilst closed, and even if the visual systems are shut down, one could live the most vivid experiences of an entire day, and sometimes even remember them. In addition the brain seems to be racing as if a normal activity would be in question. Our organisms are even more impressive, being able to block the involvement of the muscles in the process, thus avoiding involuntary injuries.
A dream would pick random thoughts, people, places, feelings, mix them together and deliver a more than authentic cocktail, that sometimes remains plausible even after waking up. You could end up on a video game quest, with a blockbuster tension, taking place somewhere you'd seen but never been to, being surrounded by your childhood friends who seem to be best buds with your office colleagues and never doubt the improbability of such an exploit.  
At times, one could also find the desired answers to various issues, throughout a dream, or almost die trying to escape one.
There are people who say that the real life is what you dream, and that the dream what you seem to be living every day; and this sound like a cool concept.
Obviously such an amazing phenomenon was depicted in all sorts of art forms, the latest being the movie I consider to be the best of 2010: Inception, which shows that dreams could be manipulated, altered and twisted to serve a purpose. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to control this really active state of the mind and make it work to our advantage as the body for thought...
One more thing, the most important aspirations that someone could have from one's existence are also called dreams; should that be a deception for the real life or a spark of hope for the imaginary one? Because for each side there are only some dreams that come true.
So anyone sharing the same fascination?


  1. what do you think about the dreams in which you are almost in control of your action? also sometimes you feel like you're trying to do some actions and it just won't come out ok- like trying to drive a car and hitting all the stuff around ya :D

    did you ever manage to do a "restart" in a half-nightmarish dream? did it once I think, got back to an earlier point in the horrid thing; too bad I dont remember what scary thing woke me up in the end =))

  2. I must admit that I was lucky enough not to have any nightmarish nocturnal encounters so I can't really talk about it; and for the control part, I guess that it could be a starting point to the process of dream manipulation ;)