Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iconic family animation

Wits: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Perception: 5/5
Rating: 4.5/5 

I've been wating for some time to see this animation and I finally managed to do so.
The word that could best describe it is: cute.

In a village of vikings that have to fight dragons to survive, the chief's son doesn't seem to be fit to follow the tradition. By accident he befriends one of the most feared of the dragons, and so he discovers all the secrets of their kind and develops a special bond between man and beast.

The kid is very funny, Baruchel really found his character type for the time being. An the dragon really completes his story. By voicing the chief, Butler reminds us of his first famous role which suits him very well; but Gobber is even more hilarious. The teens are a bit clichéd, but OK; Fishlegs being slightly on top of the bunch.

The animations seem perfect, and the dragon drawings really evoke the features and behaviour of breed of reptile. I can't say anything of the 3D but I have the impression that it was also well done.

There is a bit of sadness related to the end of the adventure, but in my opinion this comes up with a touch of originality which is to be encouraged; youngsters should know that everything comes with a price and that life isn't always shinny and bright but even so one should make the most out of it.

All in all, this could be considered an icon in family animation.

Funny - Spoiler Alert!!!

There are some flight sequences that remind of Avatar and its key in 3D experience succes

I know that this king of movie is supposed to be seen as relate-able by the audiences of our time, but the fact that Viking teenagers faced the same struggle as do the ones of our days is a bit too animationous, because they would have started training at 10 utmost and by the age of 17 the most of them would already have a kid
The magic of father-son serious talks is infinite
I thought that Toothless was a female dragon after her jealousy episode against the girl...

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