Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ahoy! Trailer crossing the bows!

Some days ago the trailer for the next PotC: On Stranger Tides was released to open seas, so as a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow and a victim of franchises, I'll pass it on too and then speak my mind...

First of all, everyone agrees that the first movie was the best of them all, and everytime a new one is out you just hope that it will return to that initial quality. The third one had a slight chance of doing so but unfortunately this one will surely not make it. I don't know if this is only caused by the arrival of a new director, or just because the whole team couldn't come up with anything comparable to the Curse of the Black Pearl, but there's something fishy about it.
Starting with the whole irony that at first Jack was supposed to be the surprise bonus, who now ends up being the main reason for the cash inflow. The character that really makes the movie today was criticized by the Disney rulers for destroying it back in the good old Aztec Gold days. Moreover, in this trailer the impression is that the entire story is built around him.
Which brings me to the second part, that I must sadly admit: without the two cheesy lovebirds there is no Pirates of the Caribbean, just one hell of an entertaining brilliantly played deranged pirate and his counterpart who has annoyed me from the start (with a couple of exceptions, like the final battle in At Worlds End); there's a major cast/concept alteration, so change the title.
This cast alteration generated another issue: no lovebirds, no romantic theme; no romantic theme, not a Hollywood entrance hit. So they draw out the good looking latin-blooded actress bonus card and it seems to me that they stuck it on Jackie-boy, which is outrageous. Sparrow shouldn't have an obvious female companion(?), and Penelope Cruz even less, she's not the type of character for the movie, silly-mad and really mad aren't quite compatible in my opinion. Plus, I'm still looking for a film where I could find Cruz interesting (some help? and don't say Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona...she's Shutter Island mad in there and not in the good way).
On the other hand Black Beard should do a pretty good job, the role going well McShane's type. 
Thus being said, I'm looking forward to being proven wrong in all the bad aspects listed above, only 5 more months to wait.   

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