Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Extended Introduction before Hell breaks loose

Acting: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Perception: 3.5/5
Rating: 3.5/5

There are apparently harmless concepts that could become as addictive as drugs; one of them is franchise movies, and when you know that one's end is near something will automatically trigger inside your head and that trip to the cinema will become imminent...This is how I end up seeing the latest HP, the beginning of the end.
Splitting the book into two movies seems to be a win-win scenario both for WB and for the fans, who have another chance of seeing their hero. But for casual viewers, like myself, this could be a little frustrating because all the foreplay has been extended and exhausted and what you get is the all annoying To Be Continued... feeling. I must admit that I was expecting the story to be even more monotonous and dull, but there are several intensive scenes separated by prolonged "meaningful" moments reinforced with the appropriate Hollywood-style background music.
Compared to its predecessors, this HP is no longer a kids movie, the audience has to have evolved with the character (not the actor, a couple of years difference). It continues by amplifying the dark and gloomy trend of the other films, becoming more like a thriller with some humorous bits, than an adventure story; this is probably due also to the schism of the contents of the book. 
I've also noticed some strange camera positioning and movements that were typical to amateur-style filming and not to gazillion $$$ productions and which combined with some bizarre dialogs made parts of the (extended) camping sequence weird if not dump.
There's not much to say about the actors, since they almost developed a second nature by playing these characters all their teenage lives, excepting some details (see below). I will just say that Bellatrix freaks me out more and more...
This movie should be seen by those who aren't fans of the book or who aren't interested in the whole movie story not for even a bit. If your last contact with this wizardy world was last year when the previous movie was out, prepare for a rough start, because tons of information will flood your brain, leaving you no time to process.

Details - Spoiler Alert!!!

The worldwide camping was the source of all strange moments, in terms of acting, events and transitions. There are some dialogs that lack coherence, and the jealousy vs. anger scenes inside the trio seem a bit overplayed.
Nonetheless, it was so droll to see a rugged version of a teenage icon.
I guess that all the girls saw a dream come true: Hermione's bottomless bag.
The image that was given to the new organization of the Ministry, along with their true-blood policy, seems to be a nazi hint.


  1. read the book dude :D

  2. it really is that far from it? (for the sake of the story I'm hoping for a 'yes')