Sunday, February 6, 2011

A briliant perfomance doesn't always need a good Speech

Acting: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Perception: 5/5
Rating: 5/5

Things have got more serious, more Oscar-moody.
In modern day monarchies, the crowned-head are there to sign papers and talk. But what happens when your speaking abilities aren't so functional and your country is preparing for one of the most difficult periods of the human hire Barbosa as your therapist.

This is that kind of movie that makes your spirit feel energized by the time the credits start rolling. Everything is so smoothly harmonized from the general ambiance up to the characters' play. The entire picture seems to capture every spot as if it would be directly connected to your mind.

Coming back to the interpretations, they are all pure gold. It is a little bit intriguing that a cast individually known for less serious productions builds up perfectly this story, no wonder that they've been all nominated for their respective categories.The irony/self-irony lines juggle were brilliant.

Colin Firth's stammer made have throat aches as if I was the one with a temper attack due to a speech impediment. Geoffrey Rush gave the impression that there were actually two main characters all along this movie, but the King has to take more credit. And Helena Bonham Carter proved she is actually normal by giving a solid distant but caring future Queen representation. 

To fuel my skeptical being I found that there was one twist-turn too much for my taste, but that's only because I enjoy looking for the pin in the haystack. So stop reading this and go to see the movie, that come back to read the footnotes.

Thoughts on stuff - Spoiler Alert!!!

Is it me or half of the British+Irish solid actors have had a role in Harry Potter?
Is it OK to laugh at the Hitler bit? Even more: Is it OK to consider the one's not laughing, and acting shocked, as uptight?
Probably the cursing part could be considered as a cheap laugh...but it was a damn good one ;)
The movie was approved by Queen Elisabeth II before it was released to public


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