Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who said that Owls can't live amazing adventures...

Wits: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Perception: 5/5
Rating: 4.5/5 

Ever wondered what the Lord of the Rings would look like if the characters were animals, here is the owl version of it. Inspired by a book series, which focuses on these birds, the movie follows the story of a young owlet who believes in the legends that he grew up with. After he is kidnapped, more of owletnapped, by the evil ones of his kind, he discovers that the stories had a spark of reality and his dreams seem to be more palpable. I imagine that by now, you all know that this is going to end with an epic battle.

The movie in its whole is simply beautiful. Every scene, shot, detail is so perfectly drawn and rendered that I regret not seeing it in a 3D theater; I believe it would have been breathtaking. Snyder's touch for picturing combats (already seen in 300) doesn't cease to impress, the liveliness of the action making you forget that the bloody effects have been dimmed due to the presence of young audience. And all of this with...Owls.

The story includes many motives already seen in this kind of production and it has a quite predictable ending, but so did Avatar, and on a much larger scale. But it's awesome imaging made millions of people consider it as the best movie in history. You should know that for me this one is better than Avatar, since it has less common characters, and also because there's no Deus Ex Machina, a safety situation solving trick that I personally hate.

I would have liked some more character development, especially for the group of friends deciding to make the voyage; but anyway, the voices were compatible with the perception of the characters.

So, this is very artistic pretty educational jewel, to be appreciated by kids and adults alike; probably less for boy teenagers.

Details - Spoiler Alert!!!

Without the totalitarian, xenophobic and tyrannic political rulers and regimes throughout history the villain personifications would have lacked models

Thank God there's Wikipedia to understand what the main word of the story, gizzard, the gut from an owl's point of view; on the other hand how some magical metal could affect the insides of a bird, that's pure mystery 
'You're gonna give her daymares!'

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