Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfection is Madness

Acting: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Perception: 4.5/5
Rating: 4.5/5

Living in the world of showbiz is known to be tough, by adding the pretentiousness of the target audience your environment gets one step closer to hell.
A perfectionist ballerina receives the most desired part in the business: The Swan Queen. This means that she has to be the incarnation of both purity and darkness. A drop of schizophrenia is all that's needed to turn her upside down and make her almost live the part up to the last detail, thus giving us a twisted disturbing psychotic experience.

I will not hide it from you the movie is good, but creepy. There are some wicked paranoid scenes that mesmerize you, but others seem one drop (and many more blood ones) too much. But I should have saw it comming since the director is the one that did Requiem for a Dream. And probably that is why it didn't appeal to me at a maximum potential even though the adequate setting was in place.

It is as clear as daylight that Natalie Portman does the movie...with some help from her mentor to the dark side, and also counterpart, Mila Kunis. She shares her internal struggle in a brilliant manner, so much that you would wonder if she didn't need therapy after the shooting was done. In addition, the whole part looks as if it was written for her, so fragile on the outside but capable of an extraordinary metamorphosis. On the other hand Cassel didn't impress me as expected and the mother freaked me out a couple of times, even when she was supposed to act normal. So as the first one didn't look involved enough the latter has overplaying too much.

The music contributed a great deal to the atmosphere (it is after all a ballet themed movie) and as a fun fact (if fun could be an appropriate term) the score is the one from Swan Lake but played backwards and distorted; so sometimes this thing can have a meaning. Also the theme picks up the pace at the critical spots so there is some kind of a warning of what might come.

The filming was good with the exception of some exaggerated closeups that were somewhat invasive on the perspective.

This one should definitely be seen, probably only once (at least in my case), but prepare to have shivers down you spine and to hear a lot of people startling.

Personal Thoughts - Spoiler Alert!!!

Some unnecessary bloddy scenes: the former ballerina stabing her face and the finger pealing 
Real world or imagination?: the same face stabbing scene, the X (as in drug) scene
At some point I had a Fight Club revelation, which proved to be only half true
The Black Swan dance (Act 2) is amazing, the proof that the metamorphosis was done 
Cassel's hands look huge compared to Natalie's face
Mirrors were everywhere and made stuff creepier
The movie has the most beautiful posters: the whole bunch of them; Variations:
and others...

The movie is a real Swan Song. ;)
I had to turn on the light while writing the post

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