Thursday, February 24, 2011

If it ain't original at least let it be Big...

Acting: 3.5/5
Story: 3/5
Perception: 5/5
Rating: 3.5/5

I live under the impression that the reboots are the word of order, some of them already came up, most are to come.
On paper Tron Legacy is not said to be a reboot of the original Tron, but more of a follow-up. A follow-up that can be understood without seeing the first one and which follows the same path: the main hero gets sucked into the digital world where he has to fight the virtual despotic villain controlling it in order to save the outer world. This time it will be the former main character, new one's dad, and a native hottie that will help the young hero to accomplish the task.

The movie has a Disney predictability all the way from the beginning and each tile comes down at the expected moment; this could come up from the lack of originaliity. At some points the story gets a bit slower than what I was expecting and it lingers in some wannabe emotional moments which I found somewhat boring.

The acting was ok in general. As figured Bridges was top-notch, as for the two youngsters, the hotness level compensates some inaccuracy in their authenticity.

These were the less positive points of the film, but when it comes to the visual effects and to the music they're awesome. The 3D is fully justified, rendering the virtual world so touchable and almost real. Moreover, Daft Punk's sound is in perfect harmony with the whole picture and the emotional intensity. Solely CGI Bridges aka C.L.U looks as if it was designed a couple of years ago.

Interested in game/action/geek/effects...movies, go see it; if none rings a bell skip it.

Stuff - Spoiler Alert!!!

The end doesn't look like a Disney type one: the father had to sacrifice himself
"Do you know Jules Verne? What's he like?"
Never forget however advanced the technology a good knock always makes it respond.

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