Sunday, February 20, 2011

Passive introspection

Here is something that's been making me wonder for some time now: Does our subconscious have masochist traits?

When I let my mind wander around, at least once a week it comes up with some dumb event from the past which I regret it happened. Moreover, it makes me relieve the strange feeling that I had about myself even enhancing some discomforting aspects.

What is strange is that pleasant memories usually need to be triggered by an event or an interaction with a person or an object. In general they don't pop-up in moments when the active part of the brain is on stand-by.

So, is it in our nature to be self-doubtful, insecure and disappointed of ourselves? Or is just me the one who has all these weird passive behavioural manifestations? The thing is that I'm quite happy with what I am...but maybe my inner-self thinks otherwise...


  1. yea I know the feeling, somehow I thing it happens mostly though when I feel kinda crappy at the present moment as well, or I'm absolutely bored to death adn have nothing to look forward to;

    I guess that when you feel happy you don't really need the extra dose from the past.

  2. I was mostly talking about the emotionally neutral moments, when your mind is practically blank. Theoretically you have 2 options think happy or think sad...but in general it's the latter that comes through.