Friday, January 27, 2012

Elementary, my dear...

Acting: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Perception: 4/5
Rating: 4/5

The follow-up of the Guy Ritchie's tale of the most renowned detective of all times, that doesn't had that much of a connection with the first movie. I mean, the attended characters are there but all the fuss in the previous story doesn't show any materialization in this one.

At a first look there are some differences between the two movies: some are improvements, some, from my point of view, are withdrawals.

First, the ambiance, that became more like a political plot thus loosing its mystical, almost supernatural touch that is had in the first movie. This is a proof for the rational people (which I'm a part of) that control and logic aren't always the key. On the other hand, the stakes got higher and so the efforts to be deployed by the protagonists had to follow the trend, and, fortunately, so it happened.

There's also the level of involvement of the audience, which this time received important investigation elements, thus granting a chance of following the deduction step-by-step, and not to be fed the whole thing at the end. This improvement generated another good aspect: the fact that the backbone of the movie was slightly different from the other one (to be compared to Iron Man where the second story was a copycat of the first).

Concerning the audio-visual performance, everything is a bliss: from the well-paced dynamics of the soundtrack to the brilliant cinematography of the slow-mos. The only downside are some excessively metallic sound effects during several intense action scenes.

I left the acting at the end because any word wouldn't be enough, the cast did an irreproachable job, and the chemistry of the 2 duos revolving around Holmes, with Watson as partners, and with Moriarty as antagonists, is perfect.

Bottom-line there's an evolution from the previous adventures and that deserves appreciation. Now, can and will it go to a higher level?   

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