Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time is of the essence

In this current society where all our existence is an endless race against the clock, our own bodies are the main time mongers.
If you think about it, the human being is, in general, a very high-maintenance organism.
First of all, one needs an average of 6-7 hours of sleep and even with a consistent doze of cafeine this cannot be reduced to less than half of it.

But the time remaining isn't completely active, because of the all the other biological and hygienic needs (eating, washing...). So of the 24 daily hours, 40% is already taken out, which leaves us with 14h to dedicate to work, loved ones, social interactions and active relaxation.

Nowadays there isn't a fully healthy way to mix these stuff, especially when it comes to work. Actually there are very few 100% valid combinations like eating or getting a drink with someone, but it mostly involves the interaction and/or relaxation part.

So actually the activities that require the most of our time sleeping and working are never and, respectively, rarely mixed up with the others. I mean you can say that you enjoy your work and that one top of that you interact with people that you consider close, but still the reality of duty and results still hangs up somewhere in a corner.

All I'm an trying to say is that we should get more information from the sleeping patterns and the way that we could use them especially to complete our work. The brain already does that at some extent why not boost it up a notch. And on top of that an extra 15-30 minutes of sleep in the morning would not be such a bad idea, so what if we could get up already showered and fed.

In the end you might say that the days won't get any longer and that we already live some very routinized lives, so why bother; the thing is that we only have one life and that we sleep during one third of it, letting it pass by.

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