Sunday, December 11, 2011

E.T.'s herritage

I know that outer-space civilizations are a fascination for most of us and especially for Hollywood producers, but the recent bombardment of not so brilliant movies to the utmost, with some exceptions, makes me ponder. Luckily (or not) they came up with variations of the subject:
  • the classical fighting of the invasion: Battle for L.A.
  • superpowers movies: I am Number Four
  • save your sorry behind: Skyline
  • 10 paces duels: Cowboys & Aliens
...and many more that I've probably left out; not talking into account what's to come in 2012 (Chronicle, Battleship...)

So, where does this invasion come from?

I am here to expose 2 theories (probably one more plausible than the other, but who knows)
Firstly, all of this redundancy is another repercussion of the excessive consumer society, hitting this time the movie industry. There's a couple of alien movies that worked; people get intrigued by the subject, then less imaginative directors come up front with copycats of the movie concepts and the cash continues to flow. This pattern can be applied to any film genre especially correlated with the increasing amount of motion pictures coming out each year.

The less rational explanation but my favorite, since I have a certain weakness for the Conspiracy Theory, is that someone wants us to be prepared. If you look back this trend started along with the rumor about 2012, the start of a new era, which was also subject of a movie; at that time there was "The day the Earth stood still" and it escalated from there. If you add the latest discovery of the twin planet ("Another Earth" rings any bell?) and the current economic and social instabilities all of this seems to make sense. Maybe some major stuff is awaiting and we should get used to the idea.

Actually the whole reasoning of the second theory could serve as fuel for the first, and probably it does, but that doesn't mean that it is faulty to 100%. What do you say?

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