Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Far from being Despicable at all

Wits: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Perception: 5/5
Rating: 4/5 

Gru is a vilain, and one of the good ones. Now he needs to reinstate himself as the greatest of them all and to do so he has to aim up-high. But this time he needs more than his recurrent help and thus...the PowerPuff Girls are born...sorta...they're three little girls with similar behavior as the said cartoon characters but with no superpowers.

To paraphrase one of the girls: this movie is so funny I'm gonna die!!!
The general idea is not the newest on the market: a bad guy gone softer due to something/someone fuzzy and sweet showing up in his life, but the final product is worth its 3D ticket money. The roller-coaster ride is pretty awesome.
At the beginning it seemed to be a little slow and used-up, but it gets a real boost after ten minutes. I guess the thing is that Gru alone is just another Igor-like speaking villain, but all it really needs is some interaction with another character to let the fun come out.
Also, Thumbs-Up for the Minions who fill-up their part more than decently emphasizing on the less subtle side of humour, but funny nonetheless. The girls, in general, are OK, although I was not looking for the hearty part of the movie, so the little sister appealed to me more being the funniest of the three.  
If you go to see it in theatres wait for the first part of the credits also there are some amusing and enjoyable 3D sequences.
All in all, it's an entertaining animation with a good 3D finishing.

Funny - Spoiler Alert!!!

Agnes (the little one) is to die for. 

Personal fave: the fluorescent Minion
I don't know why but all of Vector's stuff look very Apple-ish which is ironic since he looks like a teenage Bill Gates
The Bank of Evil: formerly Lehman Brothers 
"Mr. Gru is nice / But scary / Like Santa"
GRU is actually the name of the new KGB

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