Friday, July 23, 2010

The Legend of The Seeker

Growing up with series like Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules, I didn't fail to notice that the fantasy genre was a bit impoverished for quite a time, even though LOTR could have rebooted the trend. Still, a month ago I was told to try watching a more or less new series The Legend of the Seeker and I quite enjoy it.
The plot is based on a series of novels entitled The Sword of the Truth by Terry Goodkind, and tells the story of a hero (The Seeker) who must fulfill a prophecy by killing a dark wizard and thus saving the world.
The first season (which is as far as I got for the moment) follows the evolution of this Seeker for a mere young wood-something... to the hero meant to free mankind. Actually at the beginning the scenes are played quite clumsy at times and the dialogues are pretty cliche-based but the entire show evolves with the main character; so mid-way it offers a fair amount of entertainment.
To accomplish his destiny The Seeker is accompanied by a Confessor, member of a sisterhood possessing special powers whose mission is to protect him, and a powerful wizard (with a strange sense of humor) who's meant to guide him.
As expected the combination good-looking six-packed hero + hot companionship could not be avoided, and I'll be honest and tell you that NOT surprisingly Cupid is in the air, but stuff don't get that cheesy 'cas life's complicated (exaggeratedly complicated I would say).

Since there are at least 10 books in the series, there is enough inspiration material, but by the end of the end of the 2nd season (one season/book) (summer 2010) it seems that the show has been canceled.
Anyway, I found the first season enjoyable for a fan of magic-based adventures, so if you interested by The Legend of the Seeker here's where you can find the two aired seasons. Njoy!

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